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Auto Insurance

  • Do I really need auto insurance?
  • Who is covered under my auto policy?
  • What coverage options are available?
  • What factors may affect my auto insurance rates?
  • How can I reduce my rates?
  • What factors change my rates?
  • If I'm in an accident, can I get a rental car?

Do I really need auto insurance?    

Auto insurance is designed to protect you financially. If you are responsible for injuries, you may be held liable for the injured person's vehicle repairs, medical expenses, therapy and loss of wages.

All states require you to be financially responsible when driving a car. Depending on the state, you may be legally required to have auto insurance.      

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Who is covered under my auto policy?

It depends on your policy. Often, your spouse, children or others with permission to drive your vehicle are covered. Be sure to check with us for your particular policy.

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What coverage options are available?

Most states require that you carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. Liability insurance pays for damages if you become legally liable due to resulting body or property damage. Beyond that, you have many choices, ranging from different types of coverage, the amount of coverage and deductibles.

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What factors may affect my auto insurance rates?

. Your driving record
. Where you're vehicle is garaged
. The make, model and year of your vehicle
. Your age and /or gender
. Youthful operators
. How you use your vehicle / daily miles to work etc.

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How can I reduce my rates?

. Increase your deductible.
. Drive safely.
. Meet the requirements for one of the many discounts: multiple auto, multiple line, good student, etc.

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What factors can change my rates?

Your insurance cost can increase or decrease depending on your personal situation and the level of risk. Your rates can change because of changes in:

. Marital status
. Number of people in your family
. Change in use of vehicle
. Driving records

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If I'm in an accident, can I get a rental car?

Yes, if it is included in your policy. To verify if you have rental coverage please contact us.

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